Links to Designers And Builders

Mike Sandlin's Basic Ultralight Gliders: Goat and Pig Mono and biplane complete drawings. Mike's contributions are the main inspiration for airchair development and flight.
Mike Sandlin's Update page
Mike Sandlin's BUG glider Biplane drawings
Mike Sandlin's BLOOP motorized biplane glider
Croatian Goat Blog 2009 first flight
Croatian Goat Blog (in Google-English) - With CAD drawing of some update components.
Dan's Goat building blog Currently building
Ladybug motorized glider last updated 2003, shows a nearly finished product. Caution that his pulley support cable tensioning system was argued strongly against as unsafe on the Yahoo airchair group.
Poznan University analysis project of Goat3 Structural and wing analysis
BirdGlider Building prototype of new ultralight sailplane-hangglider. Alu-construction. It is footlaunchable. But lands on wheel. Plans are now free.
[] Jon Ferguson is the first to Sim the BUG glider, Jon's blog about all things aviation.
[ Inspired by the goat of Mike Sandlin The project started two years ago is now in production offering 2 kit versions with all components for construction.

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