Goat 5 design ideas

We're collecting ideas for a next generation Goat glider.

In this list we concentrate only on those that keep the following principles that seem to define what a Goat glider is:

  • Car-top transportation
  • 155 lbs maximum
  • Construction techniques that don't require great expertise to be safe.
  • Keep build time somewhere around 300 hrs

Please do come up with ideas that don't fit the above criteria, but make a different page for those ideas.


1. A broader skid to reduce sudden ground grabbing
2. Removable, folding wing struts
3. Small mechanical upgrades from the Pig drawings
4. Improvement to wing efficiency :
More ribs for smoother surface?
Optimized airfoil for greatest L/D max
5. Exploring use of carbon fiber
6. Engine mounting options
7. Stress analyze frame: options for pilots up to 300 lbs

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