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Mike's materials notes
Goat 4 materials and cost list (Phil, 2008)
Goat 4 aluminum parts list (Peter, 2007)
Goat 4 Wing Materials (Sonny, 2007)
Goat 2 materials list (Ken, 2005)
Goat materials list (Francis, 2005)

Airparts Tubing
Aircraft Spruce

Note: 6061-T6 aluminum tubing (aircraft quality) is specified for combination of strength and ability to bend for curved pieces without weakening significantly. Modulus of Elasticity 68.9 GPa 10000 ksi. Ultimate Tensile Strength 310 MPa 45 ksi

Carbon fiber suppliers For possible future use. Carbon fiber, Modulus of Elasticity 231 GPa 33500 ksi. Tensile Strength, Ultimate 3650 MPa 529 ksi

Flight equipment and accessories

Parachutes-recovery: High Energy Sports

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