Simulator Models For Goat Bug Gliders

Goat xplane model suitable for training
I've updated Sander Tel's xplane model and include some instruments in HUD, a single wheel, skid, and got his chute to work…same area as Mike uses. Even has Mike's Sandals. Choose with or without engine.

Includes an ultralight (Moni) for towing or you can use the winch under "Load situation".

Works with TrackIR if you want (use plugin "Pilot View" and enable with ctrl-o, without clicking trackir in equipment option. May require an image offset in the control panel of Pilot View.

To get started: Load the demo, then choose Aircraft/OpenAircraft then find the goat4.acf file you want. Then File/Load Situation/Glider winch is the easiest way into the air. Hit B to release brakes for launch. Airstart: Go to Location/local map', set your speed/heading/altitude, then close the window. You're in the air! You can fly with the keyboard if you don't have a stick and pedals. (Of course the training isn't of much help in that case). Setting/Joystick & Equipment is how you change defaults. For satisfying flying you'll have to set keys or buttons to pan view or use TrackIR.

Download model You put this folder inside the "Aircraft" folder then load under Aircraft/Open Aircraft.

Download xplane demo. Full capability, but only 10 minutes before you have to restart…but not a bad training flight, time to launch, fly a bit and land. Full version is $29.


Older versions:

Goat 4 X-plane v. 8.5 with its readme file, by Sander Tel from the Yahoo Airchair group
Goat 4 xplane updated 2008 by Seafire12
Goat 1, X-plane v. 6.5 from the Ladybug page
Bug, X-plane v. 6.5 from the Ladybug page

Xplane demo download Fly for free (after 10 min you have to restart program, but that's not a bad flight). Demos include PlaneMaker so you can experiment with modeling.
Older xplane version demo download

Flying Penguins FlightGear model of Bug2 for download

v 8.5 works with the latest xplane, but v 6.5 will have to be updated (or used with an old version, which can still be downloaded).

Goat 4 flies very nicely, with the low stall speed as expected around 20 kts. It has a motor to get you up, and instruments to give you feedback. So this could be a very nice training tool. Stalling is so gentle, it drops the nose and recovers even when the stick is all the way back. I can't get it to spin, but someone else should try. Very responsive, quick roll. Sander Tel told me that he chose a standard airfoil that looks like Mike Sandlin's for the Goat. The rudder modeling is not modeled particularly well: PlaneMaker won't let you have the entire vertical surface pivot as it does in the Goat rudder. So slipping for glide path control was not as authoritative as Mike says it is in real life.

Ideally, it would be great if someone could make a strip on one of the mountain sides to practice rolling launches. —Bret

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